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Your home for redeemable Digital Codes for Ultraviolet, DMR/DMA, iTunes, Movie Cash, VUDU, Flixster, CinemaNow, InstaWatch, and other cool stuff!

Greetings and welcome to MyDigitalCode.com! My name is Matthew Dowling and I'm the owner and proprietor of MyDigitalCode.com.

I came up with this store because I usually give my digital movie codes away to my friends and family, but instead I'm now setting up this store so my friends can leave me a "Tip" in exchange for my time for when they get a code from me. The gratuity will then be used to raise money for Kickstarter projects I support. I believe that Kickstarter is a great way to support exciting and innovative projects as well as foster new talent.

I understand you want your digital code as soon a humanly possible so you can watch your movie, and I want to get it to you as fast as I can. Usually within an hour or 2, but no longer than 10 to 12 hours. I'm working on setting up instant delivery at check out.

Please check out my ebay stores & look at my feedback:

Also, for anyone looking to build their digital movie library: Most of the DVD's I sell in my ebay shop
PopCulter.com are compatible with the VUDU.com "Disc to Digital" (D2D) platform and can also be upgraded to HD (Blu-ray Quality) for a small fraction of the usual cost. This is a inexpensive and legal way to convert your movies to stream or download on your favorite devices.

If you don't know what VUDU or "Disc to Digital" is, here's a video I made explaining it in more detail. This is a great way to grow your movie collection.

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